My Journey Again

I have had up for years now. It had a couple of posts that were up that I never publicized, mainly because of the fear of being ridiculed or just fear in general. It was stupid. I kept telling myself that I would start doing something about it but it just never happened. Fear would get to me and I guess that was that.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2017. Nope, I did not make a New years resolution to start blogging or posting to the website. I did, however, get hacked. My site went down, well this and my company website as well. The weird part is since this was my top secret project (that was hidden from the world), I had no backup.

This meant that I would have to make the site from scratch, which was additional work that I was not willing to do. Well, there was an exception. I made a pact with myself, If I were going to restart this site from Scratch then I was going to start posting on it, and not only posting but making sure I publicized it. No more hiding from family and friends who would be reading these posts (and probably being critical). I was going to do this for me and of course for the people who would take back some learnings from my mistakes and successes in life.

So to a new start. I hope and pray that my purpose in life will shine through these pages. Hopefully, this is going to be a journey that we will all enjoy. Happy Reading!